Empower yourself with a highly effective way to bet on the right horse at the right time by succeeding in winning sizeable profits from winning bets.

"Who Else Wants A Push Button Solution To Start Raking In Easy Money From Horses?"


Date: 13/10/2017

From: Benjamin Street

Dear Racing Friend,

Would you like a system for making profits which is so easy to use and so much fun to use that when put side by side with 'conventional' betting practices, there is no comparison?

What if there was something available which told you exactly what to do in order to profit from horse racing - 100% Guaranteed! Would you be interested?

  • Something that makes betting easier as it works out how much you need to bet on each race to make a profit.

  • Something that takes away the need to work out complicated equations.

  • Something that solves the problem of trying to stick to a system and not know if it is working or not.

  • Something that solves the problem of losing control over your bets.

  • Something that saves money, time, work and worry by being the first system to keep all the benefits of calculated bets and none of the drawbacks.

It is by far the best thing for betting on horses available today that I've EVER seen because it's unlike anything else. This has been built from the ground floor up with you, the user, in mind. Not only is it the easiest to use but also the most profitable.

The Betting Machine does everything for you. It delivers tips which are automatically updated to the software and comes with a staking plan to ensure that you always win.

The software automatically works out how much you need to stake. It calculates how much money needs to be staked in order to produce a profit from every bet. It works out how much to put on each race, therefore every race is a winning one.

When you use the software, you will always profit.  You can even try the software first without placing any real bets, just so you can see how much you would have won had you used real money!

"Hi Benjamin,

I would just like too say a BIG THANK YOU for the advices you provide from the betting machine.

This is an excellent piece of software very clever how it works...I have used it for the past two weeks.....and WOW...I have made some money.....

I do not have the time to put the bets on myself...As I am at work in the afternoons so I have  Automated the system with an Bot...this is after I worked out the betting strategy....you use with the selections. and BINGO....you have a great ...Clever...system...

Because it is not just based on the selections...but linked with an betting strategy. which work together....As with any betting system you need the two Ideas to work to be successful ..And this THE BETTING MACHINE...Works.....just keep to the rules of the system and anyone can profit.

And remember don't get greedy ...stay safe,

Regards   Gerard Pope"

"The Betting Machine is one of the easiest, profitable and best value for money betting opportunities available today.

During 27 days of paper trading here are a few average statistics; 8.5 quality tips per day, 20 winning days 7 losing, £1 stakes = £175 profit, £5 stakes = £825 profit - £25 stakes = £4125 profit.

Even if you just used the tips and forget the betting system, at level stakes of just £10, winnings would be £2250 against losses of £1460 and that is at starting prices.

In my opinion this is an absolute no brainer get on board quickly before the starting line up is complete.

All the best"

Kevin Ryan

"Hi Benjamin,

Very pleased with The Betting Machine. The software works brilliantly and I use it as an add on to my current betting systems. It is easy to use, takes little time and the selections provided produce steady bank growth without excessive liability. Keep up the good work. Many thanks."

Phil, Lancashire

"So far, during the past week I have enrolled and made £25 on my start-up Bank of £500, in just 4 days. This covers my subscription already! On two of the days the tips were outstanding, outdoing all the professional tipsters.  If I had been available to follow all the tips I would be even more in profit, so please keep up the good work Benjamin.  It's a first-class service with excellent back-up software.  What more can I say but "Thanks a million"!

If you have doubts or questions, feel free to email me: bernarddawson@hotmail.co.uk"

In sincere appreciation, Bernard Dawson

"At first glance The Betting Machine may seem like yet another staking system with software included but it soon becomes clear that BM is an excellent money making device as long as you stick to the rules. After one week of real trading my bank increased from £1000 to £1168 and on the second week ( thanks to compounding) it reached £1400 and continues to rise.
Now there are one or two excellent systems on the market and this ranks with the best. The system is well explained and the bonus is that you get daily tips loaded directly into the software. I know one company that charges over £70 a month for daily racing tips.
The key is in the quality of the tips, not to exceed the staking rules in relation to your bank and having a stop loss system in place for the rare occasions when you will get losing runs. This system gives you the lot but deviate from the rules at your peril. Yes thumbs up for BM and well done Ben."


"Hi Benjamin,

I'm on a pension, cant afford much, and I have wasted money, on tips, but your software is really good, my bank £200, I am trying for 2 winners a day, 3 winning days out of 3 so far.

Please keep up the good work."


"Thanks for letting me know about "The Betting Machine". Where do you find all the winners? The automatic staking plan is wonderful and takes all the guess-work out automatically.

I tried the system on paper for a week and made a small profit, my bank being only £200. I then tried it for real the second week and a better profit was had.

If you carry on with supplying the information then I cannot see how you can lose. Just think if I had a bank of £2000 I think I could give up work.

Many many thanks"


"Over the years I've tried all sorts of systems from easy to follow 10 minute wonders to systems with that many filters you'd need a science degree to use.

Then I tried The Betting Machine, there are similar pieces of software around but I think this has the edge to take it way past the competition. I've also noticed from my tests that this software is worth more than I think even the creator has realized.

If you want make money the easy way then get onboard you wont be disappointed"



There is so much money to be made in betting only if you know how to get things done the right way. The thing to most love about this, apart from the freedom of doing whatever you want whenever you want is that it pays you in cash and you get paid on a daily basis.

Betting systems change and vary but there are a few key reasons why you are looking for a quality betting system.

  • You might be sick of losing money every day or week at the bookies.

  • You are looking for an extra source of income.

  • The daily-grind of working life has led you to look for ways to earn money whilst not working.

  • The thrill of being able to win online is a rush that you crave.

  • You are tired of the odds being so heavily stacked towards the bookmaker.

With so many different reasons for people to look for a racing system there has never really been one that has catered for every potential user. Until now...

The Betting Machine utilizes a new strategic approach to gambling and ground-breaking research to provide you with the information you need to start winning.

If you have always been interested in horse racing and always knew how difficult it would be to earn a living from it - that's what got you thinking about the different ways and the different types of bets you could have.


So for the many months of doing a lot of research on horse racing, which include trainer form, horse form, ground conditions and a lot more besides you will come to the conclusion that you would need some "special tool" to be able to generate a profit out of each and every race, no matter what the final result!


But...don't think for a minute that’s all there is to it, you just cannot blindly pick as many horses as you want. You need to work out percentages and stake money in a way that nothing on the market could seem to meet up those criteria.


This is why I hired a team of programmers to make me the sort of software that would make the whole thing possible.

  • The Betting Machine has removed all element of guess work.

  • It requires no previous experience.

  • Simple instructions are included.

  • The free tips to generate a higher percentage of winning bets.

  • Zero research or form analysis needed by you.

- Make money from the comfort of your own home or wherever you wish to be.

- Make money quick! Just enter a few figures and the Betting Machine will work out the best profit position for you.

- Make money from anywhere in the world - Use the Betting Machine from any PC around the globe.

Yes, The Betting Machine provides all of these benefits and you can be confident that you’ll be put on the road to great income.

Software programmers however do not come cheap though and thousands of pounds have been spent developing this sophisticated software. Luckily, you are one of the first to view this page and today you can have access to this program for just a fraction of the cost it took to build.

To have someone put the hours of research not to mention the money spent to come up with this this system would cost you thousands.

Because of the time put in and the knowledge of what this amazing system can do, it's real world value is extremely high if not priceless but lets be realistic, no one is going to pay thousands. Not with so many other so called systems and nonsense software out there.

I don't want my price to push you into wasting your money on some other "system" made by someone with less experience than you that will end up losing you money instead of earning it.

The job of this software is to make you win money, nothing else!

The fact is I want you to use this system and change your life, I don't want you paying for something else, getting burned and start believing no one makes money from horse racing. That makes investing a real no brainer.

Once your payment notification is received, I will personally send your software and user manual.  The software is Windows based and works on XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems.


You will need Java installed on your PC but that's free anyway and it's likely that you already have the latest version.


But that's not all you get in the package. You will also receive tips sent direct to The Betting Machine. These will be delivered straight to The Betting Machine automatically, every day.

This means no more hunting for tips. No more guess work or studying. You can also be assured that the tips are of the highest quality and from the most reputable sources available.

Click the link right now. Try it out without placing any bets. Be amazed at how much you could have won if you had been playing with real money.

Purchase The Software Here...

Secure your monthly subscription for an unbelievably low price today, while this offer is still available. Your only charge for MONTHLY ACCESS will be just £19.99

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You will never have to pay for horse racing tips again!

Upon signup you will be transferred to download:

  • The Betting Machine software.

  • A copy of the 'Quick Start' user guide.

  • Your own personal 'Activation Code' needed to access the software.

You will also get, via the Internet:

  • Tips sent direct to the software every morning FOR LIFE.

  • Help and support in case you need it.

This is a fantastic piece of kit and an offer that should not be missed.

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You'll have immediate access to the same techniques that have been proven effective and successful. This software gives you the confidence to create profits quickly and easily.

Make a decision right now to be one of the lucky few who are using this software. Understand that you will be getting access to a powerful system that is capable of helping you win big from horse racing.

If you are still wondering whether to invest in The Betting Machine, scroll up and take another look at the benefits of this special software.

Do not miss this unique opportunity.

Kind regards,

Benjamin Street

P.S. I want you to fully appreciate the offer you are being given today. By all means take a few minutes to think about it. You really do need to act soon though to secure the fantastic deal that's been put together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use this anywhere in the world?

A. Yes, as long as you have access to the internet and a PC.

Q. How much do I need to start with?

A. You can start with any amount but anything really small would take a while for the snowball effect of the program to take place.

Q. Do I need to calculate anything?

A. No, the Betting Machine has been designed to make winning as easy as it can be by doing everything from collecting the tips, to working out how much to bet, to recording all results in a way that would be just too time consuming by hand.

Q. I have seen similar programs. Why is The Betting Machine different?

A. The Betting Machine is an evolution in betting technology. The systems of the past have been OK in theory but one bad run and it's game over. The Betting Machine ensures that you don’t have that risk or the worry of losing everything any more. The Betting Machine is also the first program that actually delivers tips directly to the software, right on time, without the need to wait for unreliable emails to come in.

Q. How many tips per day does the system provide?

A. It depends on the meetings for the day. On average between 3 and 9 selections.

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